Over the years, assetklean Fumigation services had developed effective bed bug fumigation service Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lagos have been professionally service.

bed bug image

Bed bug is one pest you don’t want to invade your space as they are very difficult to get rid of when allow to infest a space.

When left unchecked and treated by a professional fumigation service technician at first discovery,they can quickly spread and lay eggs,thereby becoming very difficult to exterminate these pest.

As a Fumigation services company with years of experience on bed bug fumigation service Lekki and Lagos Environs can breath a sign of relief as we have guaranteed approach for fresh incidence of bed bugs.

while we encourage quick professional intervention at first sight of bed bug in your facility,as caveat we can’t guarantee one off service will completely eradicate bed bug issues of months not professional attended to,but will still achieve close to 90-95% result.

Additionally we there are things that customers will be encourage to do to compliment bed bugs fumigation service done.

Properties covered such as Houses, hotels, offices are done using a combination of approach which are trade secrets we guide jealousy.

Useful bed bug information can be found at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/bedbugs/