Fumigation service technician pictured doing Fumigation service for rats, mosquitoes and roachesRats in the house or Office pose great danger to health safety of person’s in the building,reason you need Our Fumigation for rats in Lekki.

Rats are able to cause properly damage aside health risk arising from food contamination. This they do via boring holes on soil around the property and also are capable of chewing wooden room doors to make entry and exit points in residential houses or commercial office environment.

Where rats are already inside your property ,then it’s time for Fumigation for rats in Lekki.

Our pest control service approach to eradicating rats are effective and safe. Most of the baits and bait stations are drop in hidden corners from humans and pet.

mode of action of the chemical and bait we use to eliminate rats are by coagulation,this way the rats don’t get to smell when they die,as they most likely to run to open space and die, except in rare situations they are not able to find their exit away from the property.

Our professional pest exterminators will also do a structural observation to point out spots In the house or Office where these pests can make their way into the property.

Our service is effective and guaranteed to get rid of rats in office and residences