house Fumigation service Lekki Lagos technician pictured technician

House Fumigation services Lekki Lagos provided by Assetklean Fumigation services is to ensure your home is safe from disease causing pest and organisms that are not safe to have around the house.

The house is not just a shelter but a place of rest, safety and as such any thing that will jeopardize that safety and comfort should be guided against.

We provide professional house pest extermination using different kind of processes, these are thermal smoke fogging Fumigation service, Residual and Odourless Fumigation, bait application,traps and repellent.

House Fumigation services Lekki Lagos is our major service product done in outmost care and alertness in order to avoid cross contamination of food and objects use in the home.

Our house pest control service is able to eradicate all forms of household pest such as roaches,ants, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders,insects,wall geckos, bedbugs e.t.c Our Fumigation service in residential building are able to completely remove pest from the house in a timely and effective manner.

our Pest extermination technician will ensure needed food items and consumables are taken away prior before Fumigation service starts. Items needed to be covered,will be covered as deem fit to avoid stains, although large percentage of the insecticide solutions we use don’t leave stains on surfaces or objects.

To prepare your residence for house Pest Control service

like every worthwhile task in life, preparation is very crucial.

pet such as dogs and cat should be kept away from the house before Fumigation can start.

customers are required to first have a sleeping alternative arrangements as most houses won’t be available for re-entry till about minimum of 7 hrs interval and cross ventilation of windows for another 40mins to ensure remaining chemical smell,fog are completely extracted from the house.

Requirements from customers after house Fumigation service Lekki Lagos

It is very important to make sure surfaces and floors are cleaned after every Fumigation is done using cleaning solutions and disinfectant.

bed covers are changed before laying on the bed again after service,this is to prevent skin irritation and chemical poisoning

plates and cooking utensils must be washed after each pest removal service