How to prevent rat infestations in Lekki Lagos homes and offices.
Rats not only causes disease, but at the same time able to cause damage to structural properties by making holes on the ground foundation areas, chewing door and cabinet wood. Rats equally will feed on stored food and contaminate them when allowed within a space and not eradicated.
Here are suggestions in preventing rats infestations within your property in Lekki;

  1. Avoid creating food source for rats by not properly disposing off waste food remnants, not properly disposing food remnants and storing food properly will attracts more rats to your space from adjoining properties.
  2. Seal up holes,cracks and opening that rats can come in through.
  3. Ensure your main entrance doors and kitchen exit doors are well flushed to the floor and there are not space that mice and rats can stretch to pass through.
  4. Avoid clusters and throwaway unused items rather than have it stored around the house to provide shelter and hide outs for rats. Our Fumigation services in Lekki Lagos for rats are able to completely exterminate rats in your property.
    We implore the use of bait,bait stations and other trap forms to exterminate rats with our professional fumigation services in Lekki Lagos. For a pest free home and offices, we recommend having an action plan to really understand how to prevent rat infestations in Lekki