Our Office Fumigation service in Lekki Lagos is professionally done by well trained pest control service technicians with minimum 5 years services experience. At Assetklean,Our Fumigation service professionals understand the pest extermination service requirement of commercial office space and the likely areas providing pest harbourage.

picture Office Fumigation services in Lekki Lagos

we will not just provide the process of Fumigation to eradicate rats, roaches,bed bugs, spiders,insects, ants,snakes,wall geckos, termites,wood borer and other forms of household pest using pest extermination options such as Residual spray, thermal smoke fogging,bait stations,bait application and other processes we see effective to kill every household pest harbouring in the office.

We will equally enlighten our customers on ways to keep pest away from the office space,been a public place with person of different personalities co habiting a space,where each person’s approach can impact generally on others.

How to prevent Pest infestation in Office and commercial buildings in Lekki Lagos

To keep pest away from the office,we recommend firstly left over snacks,food and drinks should be removed from tables after each meal.

Tables should be properly wiped clean to remove food residues that could attract ants and flies.

food waste should be properly dispose off and not left in the office kitchenette areas, so it does not serve as source of attraction to pest such as rats, roaches and sugar ants.

while our Office Fumigation service in Lekki Lagos is aim at extermination of pest,we equally appeal to customers to keep these above advice in order to get complete service satisfaction.

Our customers will notice the major pest concern in the office are Roaches and rats, for these we will request above advice on prevention of pest infestation in the office is followed. Where the food sources are taken out,it greatly reduce the amount of pest issues to deal with in the office.

Also worthy of note is the septic tanks (soak way) been major source of roach breeding should be fumigated at interval to control the colony of roach breeding inside them, this aspect of Fumigation process is rarely done by other pest exterminators. This approach stood us out from the growing crowd of unprofessional fumigators who lack the knowledge or experience to understand the importance of this particular area of the office,in the long time extermination of pest. Our goal is to keep these pest away for a reasonable period of times. Check also our Fumigation services for residential houses on this link